Health and economic growth go hand in hand

In rural communities, the health of residents and economic growth go hand-in-hand. To economically thrive, a community must have an eye for building an environment that residents want to live in, raise their families and people want to move to.

One aspect is to have a community that offers residents the chance to walk and bike on safe and accessible sidewalks.

“I lost 75 lbs. from walking and I’ve kept it off,” said Arlene Lickiss, resident and avid walker in Stafford. “I walk 5-6 days a week, often with my dog. Walking changed my life, I am healthier physically and mentally.”

Carolyn Dunn, Executive Director for Stafford County Economic Development, and Leadership Chair for Live Well Stafford County, is well-versed about the economic, safety, health and community benefits that safe and accessible sidewalks offer in a community.

“Where do people want to live and work? A place that’s downtrodden and sick, or vibrant and healthy? We are committed to building a community that is economically viable, vibrant and healthy,” says Dunn.

With several Kansas communities working to improve sidewalks across the state, Live Well Stafford County was rewarded a $125,000 grant from the Kansas Health Foundation. A local city engineer has identified sidewalks in desperate need of repair in Stafford and has provided street improvement recommendations for Stafford’s Master Walk/Bike Plan. LWSC continues to be committed to improving the health of the community, today and for future generations.

About the Live Well Stafford County
Live Well Stafford County is a volunteer-based health coalition dedicated to improving the health of all Stafford County residents by building local infrastructure that supports walking and biking to maximize safety, economic, accessibility and environmental benefits. LWSC is invested in community education to promote healthy lifestyles and improve the overall quality of life for all residents.