Dunn Receives a Kansas Sampler Foundation We Kan! Award

Stafford County Economic Development Director Carolyn Dunn was presented with a We Kan! award on December 12 at White’s Foodliner in St. John where friends and family gathered for the surprise recognition.

The presentation was made by Marci Penner and WenDee Rowe of the Kansas Sampler Foundation. The Inman-based non-profit has been choosing ten recipients a year since 1993 to show appreciation for dedicated work in helping preserve and sustain rural culture.

Dunn’s award had the words “Ardent Achiever” engraved on a round plate made by Elk Falls Pottery. Foundation director Penner said, “When Carolyn sees a grant or an opportunity to go after, she is passionate in her pursuit. She would be the first to say that many others are involved but she is integral to the successes of Stafford County Economic Development, including the opening of White’s Foodliner. This award was to let Carolyn know that her efforts are noticed and respected.”

In addition to Dunn, seven other people have already received a We Kan! Award in 2019.  They are Michelle Crisler, Wamego; Helen Dobbs, St. Francis; Joy Jensen, Eureka; Keyta Kelly, Tonganoxie; Eric Montgomery, Lawrence; Karen Sturm, Caldwell; and Rosa Thomas, Whiting.  Two more 2019 awards will be presented.

To see a list of all We Kan! award winners go to kansassampler.org.

A small group of family, friends, and co-workers joined the gals from the Kansas Sampler Foundation to surprise Carolyn.

WenDee Rowe, Kansas Sampler Foundation; Carolyn Dunn, SF Co. EcoDevo; Marci Penner, Kansas Sampler Foundation

The Dunn Family