Downtown Mural Project in St. John

A new mural will be painted on the south-facing wall on the northwest corner of 2nd and Main in St. John.  The project is sponsored by the Kansas Creative Arts Industry Commission and The Church of Jesus Christ in St. John.  A steering committee consisting of David Robinson, Pam Turner, Amber Turner, Carol Long, Brian Brown, Damian Rios, Mackenzie Hacker, Destiny Talbot, and Nevaeh Haney, and Carolyn Dunn has guided the project by choosing a professional muralist, refining the design, and prepped the wall for painting.  Inga Ojala will be starting the mural next week (March 23, 2020), presumably, if the weather allows.  The mural will depict the founding of the town of St. John, as the settlers arrived from the north of what is now St. John and saw it as a Utopian place to begin their community.  The mural will use the depiction of light as a way to illustrate the Utopian vision the group had and will include many details correct to the history and natural environment of the period.  Landscaping of the east half of the lot will follow the mural completion.