Winners of Photo Contest Announced

Stafford County’s Economic Development’s annual photo contest was judged Wednesday during the county fair.

Sixteen entries were submitted for viewing by judges Kathleen Norman and Ryan Russell. Norman is the outgoing executive director of the county’s Economic Development; Russell, the new director.

Winners include:

 Jody Suiter, whose photo depicted a winter’s sunset with water draining from a circle irrigation. Her caption read “protecting equipment as freezing temperatures are projected.”

Jennifer Pfortmiller, whose photo caption read “Patriotic People—Hudson Memorial Day.”

And, Kim Fritzmeier, whose photo was “Story Hour at Nora Larabee Memorial Library in Stafford,” showcased the library’s stained glass windows.

“We are looking for photos that capture the essence of people, places and commerce,” Russell said. “We will use some of these photos in our marketing throughout the year.”

Anyone can participate in the contest, but the photos have to be taken in Stafford County.

“We prefer the photos have people in them and show activity versus just static images,” Norman said. “We are looking for creativity and diversity.”

Winners in each of the three categories receive $25 prizes and honorable mention winners receive a $5 prize for each entry.

Pfortmiller also received two honorable mentions. One for a photo she described as “Celebrating past, present and future during the Hudson Memorial Day.” The other of an approaching storm on the horizon and titled “Highway to Hudson.”

Fritzmeier received two honorable mentions. One for her photo titled “Ranch Rodeo – Stafford – Dad and helper.” The other was of “Fresh fruit and vegetables available on Main Street Market.”

Each of the winning photographs caught caught the judges’ eyes.

“We are looking at the composition and is it just the elements of a good photo and is it interesting?” Norman said. “So, there is the design, aesthetic and then the focus of the photo.”

Look for the winning photos in upcoming stories and articles highlighting Stafford County’s Economic Development.