Stafford County Economic Development is sponsoring our annual photography contest for images that will be used on promotional materials and/or our website. A $25.00 prize will be given to the winner in each of the 3 categories listed below, and an unlimited amount of honorable mention winners will receive a $5.00 prize for each entry. Categories:

· PEOPLE: depicting individuals interacting by conversation or work

· PLACES: the areas and businesses we utilize, as well as the unique locations of Stafford County

· COMMERCE: business interactions within our cities or beyond city limits, but WITHIN Stafford County

In all categories, consideration will be given to the clarity of the image, visual appeal, and artistic quality. Photos that include people and portray everyday life are encouraged. Images are valued for their ability to portray a vibrant, progressive culture. 2023 Contest Rules:

1. All exhibits must be entered by 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 17th, 2024 at the Stafford Recreation Building.

2. Exhibitor must be the person who took the photo.

3. Exhibitors are only allowed 2 photos per category (6 photos max for the contest).

4. All photos are to be 5×7 inches and are to be mounted on an 11×12.5 studio mount that can be purchased at the Stafford County Extension Office. Landscape or Portrait orientation photos are acceptable, but all must be mounted following the rules outlined in the Stafford County Fair book. The mounting board must be vertically oriented.

5. Photos must be taken in Stafford County, Kansas

6. Exhibitors must complete the Release Form and attach it to the back of the studio mount.

7. Photos should be in full color. (No Black and White)

8. Winners will be selected by representatives of Stafford County Economic Development, Wednesday evening, July 13th.

9. A digital file in .jpg format must be provided before prize money will be paid. Only photos receiving a prize will be used for promotional materials.