Raindrop Repair started with Stephen Batten’s passion for problem solving and the fact he was talented with electronics. 

“It was a good fit,” says his wife, Tammy Batten, the office manager at Raindrop. 

Located on US-281 highway, south of St. John, the business is family owned. Their son, Shawn, represents the next generation of the Reinke irrigation dealership. 

“My husband started working just out of high school over here (Stafford County) for a farmer,” Tammy Batten said. “He ran his pivot irrigation systems.” 

Stephen Batten continued working in the area through college and the first years the couple were married. 

She grew up in the panhandle of Oklahoma. 

“My husband grew up in Lyons, so not that far away from here,” Tammy Batten said.  

They both loved the rural lifestyle that Stafford County offers. 

“We don’t care for the city,” she said. 

Raindrop employs six people. 

The company draws customers from not only Stafford County but many surrounding counties, as well. 

“Our customers are the cream of the crop,” Tammy Batten said. “I don’t know if you are going to stereotype a group of people or not, but I would say farmers are your best group of people to work for.”