The plaster dust was flying in the air on Second and Main Street Tuesday morning, June 21st in St. John.  A group of 27 Bike & Build cyclists from around the U.S. contributed volunteer hours at Gray’s Studio and in the County Annex throughout the day that assisted Stafford County Economic Development in housing project efforts.

Every week during the school year, a group of 4th, 5th and 6th graders walk in the street from the Ida Long Goodman Memorial Library to the County Annex building for the Life After-School Program. On a daily basis, St. John residents can be seen walking in the streets because there are no safe or existing sidewalks.

Joining Stafford County Economic Development for the summer as an intern placed by Ogallala Commons is BreAnn Anshutz.  BreAnn is a native of Stafford County and graduated from Macksville High School in May. As an intern, BreAnn’s primary focuses will be taking photos and creating a video promoting Stafford County and Stafford County Economic Development…

Updates on a Stafford County Hospital grant, a photo contest and more.